My name is Eva Garner. 

    In 2048, I embarked as commander of the spaceship Eden. 

    The space agency assigned me to drop a satellite at the limit of our solar system, close to the Kuiper Belt. 

    More than four years of artificial sleep was planned to make the trip to the drop point and just as much for the return to Earth.

    Jack, an H22 humanoid, was in charge of the ship's maintenance had been entrusted to Aurora, an Orion supercomputer of the last generation.

This mission seemed uneventful until the unusual behavior of the supercomputer made me discover the truth.

My mission wasn't the one I thought I was entrusted with. It actually consisted of moving away from the Earth for more than nine years. 

In fact, a few years before my departure, the first symptoms of a terrifying epidemic had appeared, leaving no hope and not much time for humanity.

    This uncontrollable disease would definitely invade the entire globe. Confronted by this situation, the Nations Council saw only one possible way out : Preserve as many human cells as possible for a future rebirth.

The spaceship Eden was immediately put under construction, and a shuttle put inside the hold. This new kind of engine would be used to store an incubator where two billion cells would be safely kept. And as everything had to be started over from scratch, the Earth Nations decided that only a woman could take charge of such a responsibility.

Scientists were sure that the contagion would itself disappear after nine years, and the shuttle could return to Earth.

    All these decisions had been made without anyone telling me a word. Everybody kept the secret, to protect me and to spare me from despair.

It wasn't easy after I found out, but the machines knew, in their own way, how to give me back the taste for life.

They encouraged me to find the willpower to overcome all this. I understood that I had to look to the future and accept the mission I hadn’t expected… 

    After reaching Earth’s atmosphere, the shuttle landed on 17th April 2052 on the landing strip of Monaloa Island. For many years, everything had been prepared for our return. Soothed by the sun and the clear water of the lagoon, I quickly forgot I was just a poor castaway. And while Jack and Aurora organized our new life, Jules was born one morning. He was the first of the new generation.

        Three years of peace and carelessness passed before suddenly, Aurora announced the approach of a tropical storm whose winds and waves would spare nothing…

    We had to go quickly to the submerged zone of the base and definitively close the heavy doors behind us. This underwater part had been built by the Oceanic Technological Research organization, in order to exploit the resources of the ocean. The vast construction consisted of many long tunnels leading to hundreds of rooms, some of which had been transformed to accommodate the incubator and gestation chambers where the first two hundred babies would soon be born.


Everything has been perfectly prepared and nothing that would make our lives easier was missing. Vast sheds contained stocks overflowing with canned goods, clothes, machines and tools of all kinds. So it was there, at the bottom of the ocean, that the births took place. The first two hundred babies came little by little, starting on the same day that Jules turned 5.



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